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Fused Glass


With our new Skutt 14 Firebox we will be able to make our own fused glass pieces. A fused glass kiln can be used to make design elements for your mosaics,  beautiful and unique jewelry pieces, and small bowls and tableware.

You can make and design your peices at home and use our kiln at a cost of $30 for a cycle. Load it up with your own glass or share the cost with a friend.

If you design and make your glass fusions here the cost is $20 per pound for material and $10 per hour studio fee, plus the $30 for a fusing cycle (can be shared with a friend or Mosaic Oasis).


fused glass jewelry.jpg

We have available for your use Bullseye COE 90 glass (streaky, opalescence, clear), stringers, frit, dichroic glass.  We also have color boards if you are interested in purchasing your own glass.  We get the glass from Art Glass Supplies in Goffstown, NH, where you can buy molds to make small tableware and other interesting molds.


Cheeky Fusions by Martin Cheek

Small Dish by Michel

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