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Groups and Parties

We welcome you to host your own special event at our unique and bright studio space. Reservations are accepted for groups of 6 or more to meet casually with friends, for a girls’ night out, fundraiser project, birthday party, shower, team outing, office party, or any occasion in which you would like to explore your creative side in a stress-free zone.  We can even custom make an event for you - call or email us so we can help you plan!

Group Mosaic Taster                 $45 per person per piece

Group Jewelry Workshop       $40 per person per piece                                                                         ($70 for two pieces made by                                                                 one person)

Group One-Time Project         $40 per person 

Feel free to bring snacks and beverages!

*Groups must have at least 6 people

If you are looking for carefree craft time, see my friend Crystal at Tiny Tile Mosaics, where you can arrange for a party, get together, or a fun night out. Children and/or adults are always welcome."       

A Children's Party at Tiny Tiles
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