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Our Story


Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply is a fully equipped, artist owned mosaic studio and workshop, retail mosaic supply store, and artist gallery providing handmade mosaics for purchase, as well as custom made mosaics (small and large).

We offer multiple weekly sessions of a one-time introductory mosaic class called Mosaic Taster, designed to give you the basic skills needed to get you started and then welcome you back to our bright and peaceful studio to explore this exciting medium on your schedule.

Use our tools, adhesives, books, and guidance while creating your own work of art.  You can even store your project at the Mosaic Oasis between visits so that all your work (and mess) stays here!

We also love to do commission work.  We can help you create custom mosaics for a home, office, place of worship or any space that needs beautiful art, it can be a backsplash, floor insert, wall panel or functional art piece.

We also work with students in a group setting to create large murals (Stratton School, Waldorf High School in Belmont, The Francis Wyman School in Burlington) and on an individual basis with both craft and art projects (Roxbury Latin School, Advent School). 

Mosaic Oasis is much more than a studio and store, it is also a place to connect with others who love to create.  It is a place where friendships are formed and worries disappear while you are  on "mosaic time".  It is truly a unique place.

About Us

Suzanne at Mosaic Oasis

Mosaic Oasis was started in 2010 by mosaic artists Suzanne Owayda and Betsy Rodman.  In 2018, after building a successful business, and more importantly a place for artists to discover the art and hone the art of mosaics, Betsy decided to leave as a co-owner of Mosaic Oasis. See Betsy's letter below.


Suzanne Baratta Owayda, Arlington native and owner of the Mosaic Oasis, discovered the beauty of mosaics during her travels in the Middle East and Europe.  During a sabbatical in London she studied the art of mosaics at the Hamstead School of Art.  She returned to Arlington with a passion for the art and is continuing to learn about this colorful and vibrant means of artistic expression.  Suzanne manages and teaches mosaic art at Mosaic Oasis.

Suzanne has taken classes and workshops with a variety of mosaic artists (Sonia King, Martin Cheek, Dagmar Friedrich, Kelley Knickerbocker, Laura Rendlen) among others. 

My passion for designing and creating mosaics is a real departure from my past experiences working in town government, as a lawyer, and in the food industry.  People find art through many different avenues, I feel very fortunate that my life experiences have led me to discover that there is an artist within us all.  We hope that The Mosaic Oasis will inspire you to find your own creative spirit.


McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, Sacramento, CA, June 1995, Juris Doctorate
University of Rhode Island, Food Science and Technology, June 1981, Bachelor of Science

still lifea.jpg
Lori's "Still Life"

Lori Manfra works at Mosaic Oasis as Mosaic Assistant with Suzanne. Lori can help you buy tile, answer quetions about your projects, and just make your time at Mosaic Oasis productive and fun!

Lori typically works at Mosaic Oasis on Thursdays, Lori has been creating mosaic pieces for a number of years.  Her passion arose with a Taster Class from Mosaic Oasis.  She has shown her work at various shops and art shows within the Boston area.  With Suzanne's encouragement and guidance she is now learning the art of glass fusing.

A special word from Betsy Rodman, former co-owner of Mosaic Oasis.

A Special Word from Betsy


After opening and operating Mosaic Oasis 8 years ago with Suzanne, I have decided to leave as co-owner of the business. I am looking to explore other avenues in mosaics and will still help out at the studio as well as take some of the many great workshops to be offered.

I feel so fortunate to have helped to spread mosaics in the Boston area and especially want to thank all of you, our clients, for supporting our efforts and growing a very special community where I have made some very special friendships. I have learned so much from all of you and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see so many amazing mosaic works being created.


I look forward to seeing many of you at "The Oasis" and wish continued success to Suzanne in continuing and growing Mosaic Oasis.

Thank you all,


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