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Beginner & Beyond Studio Time

One - Time Projects

Mosaic Oasis is a great place to come for an afternoon activitiy with friends and family. Below are projects that you can do in a two and one-half hour session. Prices include time and materials.  These projects are designed to be completed with very little cutting so that you can leave with a finished project. We will show you the available materials, how to cut, how to glue, and some ideas on how to assembly your project.

Cost for an adult: $50

Cost for a child (10 years - 16 years):  $35

Group of at least six adults - $40 

Includes substrate, materials, instruction, 2.5 hours of studio time.

Take Home Packs - great for caregivers home with children
Includes substrate, tile (small and pre-cut), tweezers, and small glue - packed up to take home.  $25 per pack!

Cost of packs WITH a nipper; substrate, tile, tweezers, small glue - $55

Cost of packs WITHOUT a nippers and using pre-cut tile - $30
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